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Diagnostics & Quality Parts

At Bray Park Mechanical, we offer an array of services and repairs that’ll help your car or light truck perform at its best. We’ll accurately diagnose your issue and work with you to restore optimal function. To help ensure the job is done right, we use only Auto One parts.

Roadworthy Certificates

Call us when it’s time to renew your annual roadworthy certificate. Roadworthy certificates ensure that every vehicle on the road is safe, both for the driver and others on the road. We’re qualified to perform roadworthy certificate testing and can even help with the paperwork.
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Car Logbook Servicing — Bray Park Mechanical in Bray Pak, NSW

Car Logbook Servicing

Keep your car performing its best with our logbook servicing. After completing our thorough process, we’ll discuss any issues we find and help you choose the best options for repairs. It’s an effective method of making sure your vehicle is performing as it should.

Brake Specialist

Whether you need repair or a simple inspection, we’ll make sure your brakes are operating correctly so you can stay safe. We understand that sometimes, subtle changes in a vehicle’s performance can signal something is wrong. However, with brakes, the signs aren’t always clear. That’s why we’ll check your brake system thoroughly and report our findings to you.
Brake Specialist — Bray Park Mechanical in Bray Pak, NSW
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All Car Suspension

Don’t wait until you experience handling problems to bring in your vehicle. We offer suspension maintenance and repair services to restore handling and keep you in control. It’s recommended to check the suspension when the car is in for a service. It allows any issues to be addressed before they become more significant problems.

Computer Diagnostics

Our computer diagnostic services can pinpoint issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. If you notice a light on your dash or a change in performance, we recommend coming in immediately.
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