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Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

Since 1993, Bray Park Mechanical has been providing reliable vehicle maintenance and repair services for Murwillumbah and surrounds. Our experienced and friendly customer service is what makes us a trusted business in the community. We offer a variety of auto diagnostic and repair services to keep your car running well.
When it’s time to renew your annual roadworthy certificate, we’re the ones to call. We’re qualified to perform roadworthy certificate testing and can even help with the paperwork.
Keep your car performing at its best with our logbook servicing. After completing our service process, we’ll discuss any issues we find and help you choose the best options for repairs.
Whether you need your brakes repaired or require an inspection, we’ll make sure your brakes are operating correctly so you can stay safe on the road.
Don’t wait until you experience handling problems. We offer suspension maintenance and repair services to restore handling and keep you in control.
Our computer diagnostic services can pinpoint issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. If you notice a light on your dash or a change in performance, we recommend stopping by for a check up.
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